18 Nov 2014 / Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia

Penang's Happening Art Hotel

11 January 2015 / The Malay Mail

Sinkeh: A guesthouse out to fund an arts space

3 May 2015 / Travel Weekly Asia

Art Space Meets Boutique Hotel in Sinkeh

​3 December 2014/ The Solo Traveller

Top 7 Places to Stay in Penang for Under $100

Featured accommodation in Travel Fish

​28 March 2015/ The Edge Property

Veritas wins ‘Building of the Year’ for Sinkeh Hotel

13 September 2016/ The Edge Property

VERITAS wins 2016 Cityscape Awards Emerging Markets

26 October 2016/The Star

​Little Boutique Hotel in Penang Wins Big Award



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​a guesthouse; 2 residences; a George Town inner-city experience